About us

Our family has dreamed about a traditional old house where we could collect, exhibit, and save the old traditions and folk heritage. Our dream came true in 2006 when we bought and remodeled an old house which became the Faluvégi Guesthouse. The name „Faluvégi” means at „the end of the village”. It is coming from the location of the house because this is the last building at the end of the township Mándok. When we remodeled the original house we tried to save the still usable original parts, like the wooden ceiling in the kitchen, the original, 60 years old windows and doors, or the bracket-built cellar. We decorated the house with old but renewed furniture, pictures, pillows etc. We provide not only accomodation but also some type of cultural tresure where all the guests and local people could relax and enjoy the time.

Originally, the house was built as a more generations family home in the 50’s. When it was remodeled we get 3 guest rooms with 2, 3, and 4 beds in each. The rooms are decorated with traditional hand-made furniture, ceramics, and embroidery. The house has a large kitchen together with a dining area and all appliances. The bath room could be used by more people at the same time. The original cellar was saved during the renovation.



In the backyard, a large stall is located which has been remodeled creating a community room for 40-50 people. Friends and families could celebrate here different occasions like confirmation, baptism, birthday, or school reunion.

We have a large garden. We built a beehive oven here where 10 loafs of bread could be baked at the same time. In the covered terrace, barbecue and small dinners could be organized. In the green, our guests could cook or bake traditional dishes. We have several fruit trees and bushes: cherry, plum, peach, apple, grapes. Kids could play with toys and traditional games provided in the house.

We are looking for guests who need to relax and leave behind the stressful urban life.