Rooms, community hall and many activities in Mándok and in the neighborhood! If you do not find your favourite at the recommended programs below, send us your ideas, and we turn them into reality!

Kreatív foglalkozás - Faluvégi Vendégház, Mándok

Creative crafting

Creative crafts represent a good entertainment not only for small children and teenagers, but even for adults. In the community room or in the backyard of our guesthouse, we provide opportunity for different creative programs. Please contact us for the details.

Erdei iskola - Mándok

Forest school

We provide for children groups different forest school programs. Our well educated and experienced teachers help to learn about the local animals and nature, whereas it supports development of the kids’ environmental responsibility.



The nearby located Tisza river and several fishing ponds provide a good opportunity for people who love fishing. We help to get a fishing ticket, to buy the equipment, and to find the right locations.



The famous forest of Lónya is located near Mándok where hunters could find wild pigs, deers, or other small wild animals. We are ready to help you to contact the local hunting organizations.


Canoeing and kayaking

The Tisza river is 5 km far from Mándok near the villages of Benk, Tiszamogyorós and Tuzsér. For people who plan some water sport activities, we help to rent canoes, kayaks and to find experienced local tour guides and to organize the trip on the river.



Mándok is an ideal center for biking tours. The sand hills of the Szabolcs area represent a diverse but not too tiring location with several cultural sites in the region. Bikers are highly welcomed in our guesthouse, we could help to rent a bike or to organize a trip here.

lovaglás Mándok

Horse riding

Visitors from the cities could find the traditions of horse keeping in our guesthouse. Our community room was created in the old stable where traditional horse equipments and tools are exhibited. We could help to contact some local horse keepers who are ready to organize riding or coach trips.

Disznóvágás - Mándoki Vendégház

Pig sticking

Mainly on the cold winter days, pig sticking is a traditional habit of villagers. It is a one day program for a nice group of people to stick and process a pig weighting more than 100 kg. If you are interested, you could not only experience the pig sticking but even taste and buy the dishes, cakes, and drinks of this special program.

Kenyérsütés - Faluvégi Vendégház, Mándok

Bread baking

In our guesthouse we have a traditional outside oven where huge old time bread loafs, cakes, and other dishes could be prepared. If you are interested, we will show you how the oven works, and you could even bake your own dishes.


Jam making

We have our own fruit trees in the backyard of the guesthouse, and we use to process the fruits ourselves. Traditional plum jam is made in September, and our guests could join to this 24 hours long method of jam cooking. At the end of the process, you will have your own “home made” jam which is a nice gift to friends and family.

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