Mándok and the region

Mándok látnivalókmandok

Mándok is located in the bend of the Tisza river. This is the region Szabolcs where small sand hills and forests cover the map. The township has 4700 inhabitants, Mándok serves as the center of the surroundings. In the center of the township is located the Forgách castle, a neo-baroque maison built int he 17th century. Mándok has three different churches and congregations: Reformed (protestant), Roman Catholic (catholic), and Greek Catholic (orthodox). The original orthodox wooden church built int he 17th centuries was moved to the Skanzen Museum in Szentendre near Budapest. This exceptional building was built of trees from the Carpathians, the church was originally used by the „ruszins” who were settled here from Ukraine.

The Tisza river could be found 5 km far from Mándok in the townships of Benk and Tiszamogyorós. We could also easily reach the river near Tuzsér. More programs are possible here: fishing, canoue trip, or bicycle tour on the river dam. Lónya is a village located over the river. We could visit here the Roman style church and the wooden bell tower decorated with frescoes from the middle ages.

The Szatmár region is next to Szabolcs. Here we suggest to take a one day trip visiting small villages with living traditions, cultural heritage, old churches and thermal bath.

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