Rose room

Mándok, Faluvégi Vendégház - piros szoba

A commodious room with 3 simple beds and traditional furniture. Extra bed fits in if needed.

Price for 3 adults: 9 000 HUF/night

Room of old times

Mándok, Faluvégi Vendégház - régi idők szobája

This room keeps the original spirit of the hungarian rural life of the mid 20th century. There are two beds in it, extra bed could be added.

Price for 2 adults: 6000 HUF/night

Blue Room

Mándok, Faluvégi Vendégház - kék szoba

This is our largest room where 4 person can sleep comfortably.

Price for 4 adults: 12 000 HUF/night

Community room

Rendezvényterem - Faluvégi Vendégház, Mándok

The large stall has been remodeled creating a community room for 40-50 people. Friends and families could celebrate here different occasions like confirmation, baptism, birthday, or school reunion. Dinner set is available if needed!

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